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The curriculum at First Baptist Academy is much more than the textbooks we use; it also embodies the lives of our teachers and staff. We realize the most important qualities in education are transmitted from the life of the teacher to the lives of his/her students. Textbooks, maps, overheads, etc., are all merely tools and secondary resources compared to the faith, character, and worldview modeled by the teacher. The entire faculty at First Baptist Academy works together to fulfill our mission in the lives of our students. Teachers work as a team on scheduling, curriculum, and discussing student needs.

Textbook Selection

In an effort to provide the best Christian education for our students, FBA strives to use only Christian textbooks. First Baptist Academy attempts to choose textbooks and supplemental resources that are age and developmentally appropriate because we believe a qualified Christian teacher can utilize a variety of materials to give our students a knowledge of God’s word and the wisdom to make the right choices.

Spiritual Growth through Chapel & Bible Classes

First Baptist Academy students have the unique opportunity to worship, pray, and grow spiritually together as a function of the academic day. This takes place in all classes, in daily interactions, and is enhanced by required Bible classes.

In addition, First Baptist Academy students share a weekly chapel experience. This is designed to engage students and staff in meaningful ways that foster spiritual growth. Attendance at chapel is a requirement for all First Baptist Academy students. Chapel provides one of the few opportunities for students to participate in worship, to hear a motivational speaker, or to watch a drama.