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Tuition Management (Parent Portal/SIS)

First Baptist Academy utilizes FACTS, an outside company, which provides technology and communication for parents to stay connected with their students and school easily and on their schedule. Check grades and stay in the know on everything going on at First Baptist Academy with FACTS Family Portal. 

Tuition payments are also handled through FACTS. Once admitted, all families are required to set up a tuition payment plan with FACTS, keep valid banking information on the account, and keep the account active, regardless of the payment plan selected. 

Payments are due based on the payment plan selected by the family when their FACTS/SIS account is established. Families can choose from an annual, bi-annual, quarterly, or 10-month payment plan. Tuition payments begin July 1st of each academic year.

2024-2025 Tuition Rates

Application Fee | $30 non-refundable

Registration Fee | $200 (if accepted)

Annual Kindergarten and First Grade Tuition Rates*

First child                 $8,750

Second child            $8,315

Third and > child      $7,875

*Tuition includes educational expenses, books, consumables, enrichment/curriculum projects, FACTS/SIS, field/mission trips, and other student activities throughout the academic school year.